What is Architectural Structural Design

In Architectural Structural Design, we read the design specifications and determine the design conditions, function of the building, etc.

There is a need to assume the weight (live load) supported by the building and decide what framework is needed to support that weight according to the law / standard. While deciding on the framework, we also consider in more detail the earthquake load, wind load, snow load, etc covered by the design condition.

In addition to achieving a certain level of structural design approved by the Structure Judgement Center, we aim to propose buildings that are more economical and stronger thus, pursuing higher level of building design while responding to the clients' demands.

Work Flow

Structural Planning We decide on the structural form of a building based on its function, design, required performance, estimated time of completion, etc.
Assumed cross sections
  • We check the cross section by estimating the earthquake force the building will resist.
  • If shear walls and/or braces are needed, their location must be balanced based on the architectural plan.
Adjustment with the owner and other related parties
  • We shall report the results of the above-mentioned to the owner and discuss which parts need adjustment.
  • A more detailed structural plan shall be made based on the feedback from the owner.
Actual Design
  • We will advance to the detailed design according to the results from the previous procedure.
  • We always have in mind that we have to ensure the economic efficiency and safety of the building when designing.
Advance Application at the Confirmation Inspection Agency
  • We prepare the design documents from the previous procedure and "pre-request" at the confirmation inspection agency.
  • In case issues arise, it will be a chance to review the structural design.
Application for confirmation and conformity judgement
  • After issues have been pointed out by the Confirmation Inspection Agency, we shall revise the design documents and resubmit it for rechecking.
  • In this step, the agency will check if the issues pointed out were addressed.
  • Depending on the size of the building, a third party may also conduct a conformity assessment review and check the safety of the building.
Design completion/ Start of construction Once the design documents have been approved, construction may start.

What to keep in mind in Building Design

Since Japan is an earthquake-prone country, Buildings as well as Plants, Piping should be designed to withstand earthquakes. Especially in buildings, even if it falls into an unexpected situation, buildings must be tenacious to give enough time to allow the people inside to evacuate safely.

When we say buildings should not easily fall down, we mean buildings must be able to bend, extend and stretch. Like a pulling a needle, it will stretch to a certain point but you will not be able to cut it instantly.By using that similar concept, we design buildings that are tenacious that will not collapse right away.

In the design of a multi-level parking building, for example, due to its function, the multi-storey parking area is very stiff but poor tenacity and the 1F store portion is relatively soft but has a tenacious structure giving out conflicting features. Also, because it was helical, complicated shear force was generated at the center.

During the design, two key notes were 1. to allow loads (seismic loads) be trasmitted smoothly and 2. to increase the building's tenacity. Basically, we select member which are stronger but to choose the one with the greater strength isn't always the case. This is one reason why it is important to check the flow of the forces and the choose the sizes appropriately.

It may be difficult but it is rewarding once we've determined the flow of the forces and successfully optimized the design. Also, when it is actually built, there is the sense of accomplishment while checking the finished product. We will continue to have full awareness of our part in the social safety and security of the society and we will continue to study for the advancement of our own designs in the future.

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