What is Plant Design

A Plant can be a Petroleum Plant, a Process Plant or a Chemical Plant. While it is so diverse, maintenance of lifelines and production of necessities are its important uses. Inside it, Pipes and/or Equipments usually contain hazardous and deleterious substances. If by any chance a disaster or an accident occurs, in order to prevent leakage to the surrounding environment, Plants require a safety factor higher than typical buildings.

Therefore in Plant Design, each structure must be strongly built against thermal stresses, earthquake forces, and other external forces, all of which to maintain urban functions and to serve as an infrastructure investment that will support the socioeconomic activities of the society.

Work Flow

Design Preparation
  • Understanding of the Design Guide, its Loading and Design Conditions, while grasping the key points that needs attention
  • For Plants abroad, Codes and Specification to be used depends on the clients' preferences thus, a need for confirmation
  • Since design guides will be in English, sufficient time must be alloted for reading
Structural Planning
  • In Structural Planning, one must first get the picture of the pre-installed pipes and equipments and the situation of the surrounding of the structure itself in order to be able to predertermine the assembly of beams and the position of the braces that will carry the earthquake force.
  • Structural Planning is an important step as it can affect the safety and economic feasibility of the design.
Preliminary Calculation
  • Computation of external forces (loads) to be applied to the structure
  • Unlike common buildings, load cases for plants include pipe loads, equipment loads, thermal loads, friction loads and the like.
  • Preliminary calculation has a big role in the design and it is as important as Structural Planning.
Constructing the Analysis model
  • Model should be structured according to the actual situation before inputting the applied forces and starting the analysis. In analysis, you can see what forces the structure is experiencing.
Design Determination of the required sections while checking the analysis results and the safety of each structural member
Producing the Calculation sheet Compilation of all design work to produce the calculation sheet.

Things to keep in mind in Plant Design

In Plant Design, the project itself is huge and requires a lot of manpower. The design department also includes the project department, piping design department, electrical instrumentation department, machine design division, the civil engineering departments that design structures that support plant equipment, and other departments that also play a variety of roles. Since there a lot of departments working in the design phase, it is important that all departments hold a thorough meeting with every department and maintain communication while the project is on-going.

Also, since the design conditions are greatly influenced by the climate of the construction site, we need to understand to some extent the customs and environment of the country. Every country has its own Basic Design Code but because there are criteria peculiar to each country, it is important to first understand and grasp those criteria.

In addition, RISE implements various measures to raise added value to customers. Specifically, in order to meet the delivery date, a work schedule chart is created and managed daily to improve work efficiency, determine priority of work, take countermeasures at an early stage, and positively propose cost reduction depending on the case.

Sometimes it's a challenge, but we strive to find every answer without fail. We shall continue to design with enthusiasm so that we can give out better proposals to our customers.

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